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Auction management software AuctionTamer is an auction management tool that you download and install onto your PC that manages all of the post-sale details of auctions.   AuctionTamer keeps track of who has paid and who has not paid.  It automates repetitive tasks like sending out winning bidder notifications, and helps you keep track of the notifications that have been sent.   It tracks and manages feedback. It will even let you print address labels for shipping the items.
PayPal E_Z Payment Buttons Make it easy for your customers to send you money.   Add PayPal payment buttons to your emails.   When your customers click the button, they’re automatically taken to the PayPal website to complete the transaction.  Click HERE to learn how.
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Link to Your Items If you have your own web site and would like to provide your customers with a link back to your items here on JustBeads.com, this page will show you several ways to do it.
Advertise Your Items We offer a variety of ad placements within our network including the placement of your standard 468x60 banner ad, (linked to your JustBeads auctions), at the top of our "Home Page", the top of each "Category" page and the top of each "Item Description page". This allows us to drive traffic to your auction listings and increase your sales here at JustBeads.com.
Block a Bidder Set up a list of bidders/buyers who will no longer be able to bid on, or purchase, your auction listings. The list will apply to all of your items here at JustBeads.com. You can add or delete bidders/buyers at any time.
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My Auctions The My Auctions page contains tabs that you can click on to see various views of your items, including Items I Listed and Items I Sold.
Edit your Listing If your item has not been bid on, you can add up to two additional photos, add a thumbnail photo or change it's properties such as it's description, starting bid, reserve price, auction duration, etc.

If your item has been bid on, you can add an addendum to your auction's description.
End your Auction Early Use this form to end a listing before its scheduled ending date and time.
View User Feedback See the feedback profile rating of another seller or bidder.
  After The Auction
Problems with a buyer? If you are unable to contact the buyer, have not received payment, or have some other problem with a buyer, you can use this form to help resolve the problem.
Submit Feedback Leave feedback on one or more winning bidders simultaneously. These comments can be positive, neutral, or negative, depending on your experience.
Re-List Item with Edit Use this form to edit your closed listings by adding photos, (including Thumbnail photo), edit Description, Starting bid, Reserve Price, Auction duration, etc, prior to re-listing them
Bulk Re-List Items Re-List multiple closed auctions with just a few clicks of your mouse.
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PayPal Payment Request Make it easy for your customers to send you money. Add PayPal payment buttons to your emails.
PayPal Invoicing Send detailed business invoices in minutes with the new, FREE PayPal Invoicing tool.
PayPal Shipping Calculate shipping costs, create, purchase and print shipping labels, track and confirm delivery confirmation for your shipments, order free shipping supplies and more.
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