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How to Sell on JustBeads.com

Buyer Tutorial
Generally, you list an item for auction and bidders browse our listings, find your item, and place bids on it. If a user wins your item by meeting or exceeding your price criteria, you must sell the item to the buyer. As the seller, you specify the conditions of the sale including the length of time the auction will run, the payment methods you accept (Pay Pal, money order, credit cards, check, COD, etc), the method of shipping and cost for shipping, return policy (if any), and any other pertinent terms. Typically the winning bidder will prepay for the item, (depending on your payment terms). When you receive the payment, you ship the item to the buyer.

We hope that your visit with us will be an enjoyable one! If you have any questions about our site, please feel free to ask us for assistance. You can contact us at CustomerService@JustBeads.com. We pride ourselves in the level of customer service we provide to our members and assure you that a "real" person will respond in a timely and professional manner.

What Does It Cost?

A complete list of our services and our fees for using them can be viewed on our Fees page.

Choosing the Correct Category

Our auction site contains a good selection of categories.  When listing your item, you should post it in the most appropriate category.   For your convenience, we have a Category Description page that contains a list of all of our categories and explains what types of items are appropriate for that category.   If you are unsure which category to place it in, or would like to recommend that we create another category, please feel free to ask us for assistance.

Reserve Prices and Starting Bids

When you post an auction listing, you can set a Starting Bid and/or a Reserve Price.

A Starting Bid is the least amount a bidder is allowed to bid in an auction. As the name implies, it is where bidding starts. No bidder can place a bid lower than the Starting Bid. If an auction has a Starting Bid and no Reserve Price, the high bidder on the item will win the item at auction close. Every auction has a Starting Bid, even if the Starting Bid is $.01.

A Reserve Price is the least amount you will sell the item for. The Reserve Price is kept secret from the bidders. A bidder can place a bid that is lower than the Reserve Price, but the item will not be sold unless bidding meets or exceeds the Reserve Price.

What about Dutch Auctions?

Dutch auctions are a special format in which the seller has multiple identical items to sell. The bidder can bid on one or more of the available items. At the auction close, all winning bidders win their items at the lowest winning bid price.

For example, you may have five strands of beads to sell. Each strand of beads containing 6 beads. In the auction listing, the quantity posted will be 5, and the Starting Bid is the least amount that can be bid for each item.

You cannot set a Reserve Price on a Dutch auction.

How Do I List My Items?

You can list an item for sale by clicking on "SELL" at the top of any of our pages or by navigating to the List an Item form by clicking on "For Sellers" and then on "Listing Items" / "List an Item".
Listing an item is a three-step process:
  • Step 1: Upload up to four photos and 1 thumbnail photo that you wish to include in your auction listing
  • Step 2: Fill in the auction parameters including Starting Bid, Reserve Price, Item Title, Item Description, etc.
  • Step 3: Review your item listing to make sure it is correct, check the fees that will be assessed (if any) and submit the item when you are satisfied that it is correct.

Can I Edit My Listings?

If an item has not been bid on, you can edit the item listing. You can change the pricing information, move the item to a different category, or upgrade your listing to use some of our optional services. To edit your item just click on "Edit This Auction" while viewing the item description of the item you wish to edit.. Once an item has been bid on, you can no longer edit it. You can, however, add to your items description, whether the item has been bid on or not. You can add a picture or additional information at any time. Your additions will be clearly time and date stamped.

Monitoring Your Auctions

JustBeads.com automatically keeps track of items you have bid on, listed for sale, sold, and won. You can access your My Auctions page by clicking on the link located at the the top of any page. The My Auctions page contains tabs that you can click on to see the various views of your items. You can select a time frame to further specify the items that you wish to see. For example, to see all items that you sold in the last two weeks, you click on the "Items I Sold" tab, then select "Ended in Last Two Weeks" from the "What auctions would you like to see?" drop-down menu and click the "Go" button.

I Sold an Item! ... Now What?

If your item was sold, we send you an email at the end of the auction that contains the buyer's user name and email address along with your winning bid amount. If you think you have sold an item and did not get your notification, you may have changed email addresses without telling us or we may be unable to send you your notification due to technical problems with your ISP. Always check the 'Items I Sold' section of your My Auctions page to see if you have sold an item.

From the time the auction closes you have a maximum of five (5) days to contact the buyer at the email address located in the notification we sent you. The buyer must contact you as well within the same five days. If you do not receive a response from the buyer within the five days, please notify us at customerservice@justbeads.com and we will be happy to intercede on your behalf.

You should send the buyer clear instructions on making payment. Always include your name, address, phone number, the item number of the auction, the name of our site (JustBeads.com), and your email address. Clearly state what forms of payment (PayPal, check, money order, etc) are acceptable.

Submitting Feedback

At the completion of your transaction, you should post feedback on the buyer. Feedback lets other users know how the buyer handled her transaction with you.

For more information about Feedback click here

When posting feedback, please be honest and unemotional about the transaction.

What if My Item Didn't Sell?

Items that did not sell can be re-listed free of charge for up to 90 days.. We offer two ways for you to re-list items that did not sell.

To quickly re-list multiple items exactly as they were before, you can use the Bulk Re-List Items function by clicking on "For Sellers" at the top of any of our pages and then on "After the Auction" / "Bulk Re-List Items". This function allows you to select one or more items from a list of closed auctions and re-list all of them with a single mouse click.

To re-list an item and change its parameters ( for example, to lower your Reserve Price or change its description ), you can use the Re-List Item with Edit function by clicking on "For Sellers" at the top of any of our pages and then on "After the Auction" / "Re-List with Edit".

Can I End an Auction Early?

You can end an auction at any time; however, doing so is generally not a good idea if bids have been placed on the item. If there is a winning bidder at the time the auction is closed, you are obligated to sell the item to the winning bidder. Additionally, since many bidders wait until the last minute to place a bid, ending an auction early may reduce the amount you will receive for the item.

To end an auction early, navigate to the End an Auction Early function by clicking on "For Sellers" at the top of any of our pages and then on "During the Auction" / "End an Auction Early".

How Do I Check my Account Balance / Make payments?

You can view your account balance, check your month-to-date activity, and print past statements by navigating to your Account Status page by clicking on "For Sellers" at the top of any of our pages and then on "Manage your Account" / "Account Status".

If you intend to list items on an ongoing basis, you can place a Credit Card on file with us by clicking on "For Sellers" and then on "Manage your Account" / "Place a Credit Card on File". Sellers who maintain a valid credit card on file with us are allowed unlimited listing privledges without the restraints of the $10.00 limit we place on sellers who opt to pay via other means. Payment is due on the 1st of each month. If you have a credit card on file with us, it will be automatically debited at that time for any outstanding balance due..

If you do not have a card on file with us, You can make a PayPal or Credit Card payment by clicking on "For Sellers" and then on "Manage your Account" / "Make a Credit Card or PayPal payment".

*The 10.00 credit limit is provided as a means to allow a "limited number of listings" and, if used in full or in part, is due and payable on the 1st of each month. It should NOT be confused with an offer of $10.00 worth of FREE listings.