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Hello - and welcome to the world of ANGELAMPS by Julie Ann Smith.

What is an ANGELAMP? They are delightfully petite lampwork beads blessed with love and the light from above in which I create here in my studio in Fort Worth, Texas.

I believe God has given me the gift of design and a burning desire to spread the Good News with these gifts! I began by hand drawing greeting cards while I worked raising my 3 boys alone. The dream of getting this art out into the world has grown into a company, which now is licensing this work out into the gift market. I am now designing medical scrubs fabric and have just signed another contract to design quilt material! My company JULE ORIGINALS has already published cross stitch patterns, wooden patterns, quilt patterns and I am now preparing resin sculptures for market and am putting the finishing touches on my cartoon strip LOVESHOE! (to see more, check out my web site at: http://www.juleoriginals.com)

Lampworking is my side line! REALLY?!! I have always had the love of glass and their bright sparkling colors as a child. I would always be marveled at the stained glass in my home church! As the web came into full view for me as a designer, I began to stroll and surf and came upon a technique called "lampworking".

The first thing I did was purchase Cindy Jenkins book, "How To Make A Glass Bead". Oh the nights I would spend reading and studying that book. Along with surfing the web and taking it all in, I prayed that I could some day venture into this wonderful world of color and sparkle!  I just knew that if I had the tools, I too could design in glass!  In my surfing, I found a local lampworker who was willing to take me on.  THANK YOU REBECCA DOWNEY! She is a honey and was very kind to my eagerness!

Thanks to some dear friends of ours, the Graves, they saw my vision and my dream for Angelamps and they set me up with the tools of the trade. I am forever grateful to them for realizing this dream-a part of my WHOLE dream to share God's love through the generous talents His has given to me!

So I blow beads in between designing fabric and am now designing quick and easy quilts which have yet to be named! The lampworking truly "takes me away to another world"…a world in which there are no boundaries. To see a glob of hot glass (which I have many a burn to show for it) turn into a delightfully hysterical fish is so very KOOL!

I do have a very hard time parting with these lovelies! So much so that I have made over 200 bracelets and necklaces that I retail around the country and on the web. Each piece carries a little box and a letter of authenticity which I sign, number and date for the customer, making each a very "cherished" prize!

Justbeads.com has been a source of pure light for me. I have a very DEDICATED allegiance of beader's who inspire me to continue to blow beads for them! I take very seriously the efforts of those who want to stay at home to be there with their children and to provide a loving home for their husbands. The need for a second income today is most prevalent and I price my beads where they can be purchased reasonably and with an opportunity for those "closet" beaders to excel in a field they might not have ventured before.

Of course, I cannot finish this without the mention of my husband, my best friend, Robert! He is very supportive of my efforts and me. I sometimes am so driven, I become IMPOSSIBLE. Putting up with the "artist" in me is not easy. He loves me so that he steps aside when the "quirks" sprouts their wings. He is truly HEAVEN SENT!

I've only been blowing beads since March of 2001 and I know I am here to stay and my ONLY choice for auctions is justbeads.com. I know there are yet thousands of beads left in me and finding the time to produce them is the key! Sometimes I get on a "bead blowing binge" and stay up all night…those are the BEST TIMES!

So, thanks everyone for allowing me to visit with you and to share my story! May God bless each of you in ALL that you do! For HE has blessed me with YOU!

Jules (as most call me)
Julie Ann Smith

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