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Welcome to JustBeads.com

Welcome to JustBeads.com
All of us at JustBeads.com are excited about our new look and new home! We are Bead people experienced with all of the categories that you see offered here! Our hope is that JustBeads.com will become "Home" to Bead enthusiasts everywhere! This site is yours - If you love Beads, you will find an ever-increasing selection of Beads and Bead related items here to meet your needs. We want your visits with us to be an enjoyable one! We welcome your comments to help us make your site better.

Happy Beading!

What is JustBeads.com?

The JustBeads.com auction site is a community made up of a variety of bead people: individual buyers and sellers, who come together on JustBeads.com to do more than just buy or sell beads-they have fun, shop around and get to know one another. Through the JustBeads.com Chat Forum, members meet and get to know each other, discuss topics of mutual interest and provide one another with helpful information about beads and beading.

Can I Buy or Sell Here?

If you're looking to Buy or Sell lampwork beads, vintage beads, polymer clay beads or any other type of bead or bead related item, we welcome you to buy or sell here. You must Register with us to bid on or sell items. Registration is free, safe, and private. We do not share your registration information with any third party and we do not send you junk email - please see our Privacy Policy for details. Click here to proceed to our registration form.

  • Sellers - Please read our Seller Tutorial for information on how to sell an item through JustBeads.com.
  • Buyers - Please read our Buyer Tutorial for information on how to bid on and buy an item through JustBeads.com.

What Does it Cost?

Registration is FREE and there's NO CHARGE to browse, bid on or buy items at JustBeads.com, but you do pay fees to list and sell items. Click here to view our Fees and billing information.

Is it Safe?

The majority of buyers and sellers here at JustBeads.com are honest and reliable.   Here's how you're protected with built-in safeguards every time you buy or sell:

Instantly check the "reputation" or business practices of anyone at JustBeads.com.  Our Feedback Profile page is a place where users leave comments about each other's buying and selling experiences at JustBeads.com.   If you're a buyer, check your seller's Feedback Profile before you enter into a transaction to learn about the other person's reputation with previous buyers.  If you're a seller, do the same with your buyers.

You can view a Users Feedback Profile by clicking on "For Buyers" or "For Sellers" and then on "View User Feedback Profile"

Where Should I Go Now?

First, we recommend that you Register with us. Since we email you a registration code that must be used to activate your account, we recommend that you register now instead of waiting until you wish to bid or sell an item. This way, if there is any problem we can fix it now before you miss an item you want to bid on.

If you have not done so, read our Seller Tutorial and/or Buyer Tutorial so that you understand how our auction works.

When you are ready, browse or search our auction listings. To browse items listed in a particular category, click on the category name located on our home page along the left side. To search for an item, enter your keywords into the search box located on our home page near the top of the page and click 'Search'. Click here to return to our home page.

To list an item for sale, click here and we will take you to our List an Item page.

If you need more help, navigate to our Help Center. Our Help Center can be accessed by clicking on the Help Center link located near the top of any page.